• Bio

    “My biggest fear is to learn what I’m afraid of,” XVRHLDY (pronounced Xavier Holliday) admits on “The Root.” His most recent EP, Need To Know, tells you exactly that: XVRHLDY ranges from self-realization to criticism of the current hierarchy, never spitting anything other than what must be reported from Chicago. A lacerating lyricist who’s comfortable rapping over everything from mellow hip hop to electronic music, one whose flow has been compared to André 3000 in The Source Magazine, XVRHLDY is someone that you Need To Know. Raised in Chicago, XVRHLDY graduated from Roosevelt University in 2012 with a major in psychology. After spending time in New York, XVRHLDY is back in The Chi. As he puts it, “I’ve been sent here to inspire and conquer. ‘Nothing is everything’ is the mantra.” XVRHLDY is preparing a second EP, Need To Know II: LUNA, that will feature Pete Rock, Saba, NoName Gypsy, Joey Purp and Odd Couple, among others.

  • XVRHLDY - “Chrome” (2013)

    Directed by Dustin Nakao Haider, Matt Mitchener and XVRHLDY for Scheme Engine